How long until EUROSHOP 2020?


Efficiency on the rocks

Our idea of efficiency is strictly connected to the way we project our machines and to results we want you to get.
Making ice is our job. Doing it with care and passion is our mission.
Because ice has many uses, we have developed a range of products that can meet the demands of each market and the most varied needs. Our machines are used in Ho.Re.Ca, in the large-scale retail trade, in transport, in food preservation, in the fishing, bakery, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, sports, wellness, industrial and construction sectors.

Come and discover the news of Brema Ice Makers at EUROSHOP 2020

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Our Green Attitude

“Designed for the environment”
is the concept that guides our research and development department, our way of designing machines. The idea of sustainability that we want to aspire to is closely linked to technology: we are always looking for new ways to make our machines more environmentally friendly, to reduce consumption and pollute less. Like our machines that use R290 gas.
What is R290 gas?
Hydrocarbons, the natural gas par excellence, a family to which R290 belongs, are considered "environmentally friendly" because they do not cause a greenhouse effect. Its use does not impoverish the stratospheric ozone layer and does not pose a threat to global warming (Global Warming Potential very low).